Services to the University

Our Services as India office :

We will Like to Highlight Major Services. we will be Providing to the Universities as an India Office, which will Include Exploring Options, and Inform Strategies, Engage Audiences on Social Media to Build Brand and Reputation, and – within a Legal, Managed Framework – Deploy in-country Staff to Execute Strategies with Agencies, High Schools and Peer Institutions.

We will Help you Solve your Recruitment, Enrollment and Retention Challenges. We are a Multi-platform Solutions Provider for University and College Admissions, Enrollments and Marketing Departments. Our Solutions Address operational, intelligence and outreach Challenges in India.


We Support Brand Development and Brand Management for Educational Institutions in order to Increase the Growth and Quality of Student Recruitment year Over year.

Regular Promotion and Marketing of the Courses/Services Provided is must in the Competitive Era, so Many Options are Available to the Students, that If you are Out of Sight you are Out of Mind Thus India Office can Help in Regular Promotional as Well as Marketing Activities while Arranging Education Fair, Visiting Schools and Colleges, Spot Assessment Sessions, Etc.


Media Plays an Important Role in the Development of a Brand. We assist in Effective Media out reach and Ensure Positive Media Coverage to Showcase the Uniqueness of our Institutional Clients to a Wider Audience, thereby Strengthening their Brand in the Target Market.


Due to the year Round Presence of the University (INDIA) Office, it will be Easier to do Branding and Promotion of the University Even the India Office University Representative can Visit Various School-Colleges – Agents at Regular Interval. School- College Visit will Create Awareness about University Among Students as Well as Regular Inputs and Face-to-Face Communication will help Lot Many Agents to be Confident in Prompting the University. As the University Representative will have Local Presence Travel Cost and Time will be Reduced and Frequency of Visit can be Increased.

We being the Local Agents can Give you the Vital Information Regarding the Education System, Marking Systems of Various Awarding Bodies, Commencement Dates, Expected Result Dates, Etc. which can Help you to Meet Students at the Right Time when Students are Taking Decision for their Admission.

We can also Assist you in Deciding the Right Time for Conducting the Spot Admission Seminars and Interviews within Major Cities of India.

We Work with you to Hire and Deploy Qualified Local Staff to Accomplish your Recruitment and Partnership Plans. While your Program Office Team will be Fully Dedicated to you, They will also be Locally Supervised and Legally Employed by Educationworld. Both you and your Team will have Access to Educationworld Unique Support Framework of Expertise and Services.

Access Industry Leading Market Intelligence, Desk and Field Research, Competitive Analysis Road Map Development, Partner Identification and Due Diligence, and Consulting.


Work with Educationworld Executive Team to Develop the Right Kind of Collaboration with the Right Partner. Educationworld Helps its Clients to Develop Appropriate and Successful Academic Partnerships, Recruitment Linkages, Research Collaborations and Branch Campuses.

Thousands of Educational Consultants are Working Across India and it is Difficult for the University to Judge whom to Work with and Support Further, our Vast Experience in the Field as Well as Due to Our Local Presence and Networking It will be Easier For Us the Put Forth Our Concerns and Help University in Choosing the Right Consultants to Work With


Every year More than 300000 Students Go Abroad from India for Higher Education Abroad, the Numbers are Increasing Rapidly Year by Year, If University has an Office in India it would be Easier to Cater to More Students and Recruit those Meeting Requirement and Genuine,

Having office in India will Help in Centralize and Quick Processing of all Indian Applications, At The Same Time India Office will also Facilitate University in Scrutinizing and Removing Non-Genuine or Incomplete Applications and Thus the University Admissions Team will be Working only on Applications which are Complete and Meeting the Requirements, Thus the Application Turn-around Time will Decrease while Processing Quality Application Meeting Requirements.


Our Office Location is in Ahmedabad, Gujarat which is More Cost Effective as Compared to Other Metro Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai Etc. Also in Terms of Pay Scales Ahmedabad will be Cost Effective Even when Recruiting Equally Qualified Candidates as Compared to Other Metro and Tier 2 Cities.

Our Team of Professionals who are Well Updated with The Latest Information Concerning to Overseas Studies would be able to Give Apropos information to the Students about your University Keeping in Mind the Admission Criteria of your University,

Our Offices are Equipped with The Best in-Class Facilities any Institution Needs. We are well Equipped with Latest Technology like LCD Projector, Seminar Room, Audio System etc. Which will Enable Us to Hold Seminars, Presentations, Spot Admission Interviews.

Thus For Better Branding, Promotion and to Establish a Strong Hold in the Ever Growing Indian Students Market It Will be a Demand of The Day to Have an India Office and Educationworld is One Stop Solution For the Universities abroad Looking For Recruiting Students From India!