Introduction of Founder, Director of Educationworld

Mr. Prasanna Acharya (B.E, M.B.A, D.I.B.A), Founder and Director of Educationworld, Qualified Professional with Rich Experience in the Field of Study Aboard Consultancy, Made a Humble Beginning of Counseling Students for Further Studies Abroad Under the Name of UMA Projects Consultancy in 1997. In a Short Span, with his Efforts, Support, Trust and Confidence of Students and Parents Educationworld Came into Existence and Today Educationworld has Successfully Transformed itself into one of the most Trusted Organizations in the Field of Foreign Education Consultancy in India.

We have been providing counseling and guidance to young and ambitious students seeking guidance for foreign studies for over 20 years and, thus, have accumulated a deep understanding of the dynamic world of global education and careers abroad. The CEO of Educationworld started observing the process of globalization of education and careers immediately after India and Indians started recognizing the need for a global outlook right at the education stage and thus started valuing International Education and Qualification. The motto of Educationworld is to facilitate Foreign Education for Indian students, which alone can prepare them for seeking successful careers in the global economic world.

The CEO of Educationworld has travelled extensively to major educational destinations of the world favored by Indian students like Canada, UK, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Europe, etc. and has personally met a large number of educationists and University officials around the globe. This has helped develop a vision about opportunities available to Indian students by Study Abroad and the manner in which they should go about exploring the option to study abroad.

Educationworld is making all efforts to develop this website into a storehouse of information for students wants to go for Abroad Studies providing all directly relevant, as well as peripheral, information for overseas education. All those who want to study abroad and aspire for global careers would find comprehensive information on the website that is essential and basic for taking informed decisions for abroad studies.